Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year... Same Knitting?!

The other day Ben's mom made a comment about how I haven't updated in awhile. I know when it gets to the point that she says something then I've really been slacking. Heh. So here is what I've been working on now that Christmas is over.

Yep. The Christmas tree skirt. Exciting huh? It's been a little more fun to work on it now that I don't HAVE to. I have a whole 'nother year now!

I've figured out that in order to reach a total number of 94 stitches in each section I need to do 140 more rows... Or something like that. So I'm about half way finished.

I seem to have lost my mojo in creating anything other than this tree skirt. I realized that I don't have any current projects other than this skirt. I have one or two things stashed away in the closet that I haven't worked on in awhile, but as far as things that I'm actually working on at the moment.... Nothing!

Although I did get a knitting calendar for Christmas. I haven't looked through it because I don't want to ruin the mystery of it. But there do seem to be some fairly small projects in it from the pictures on the front. So hopefully that is what I can do with my stash this year. Work through those. I am also hoping to crank out a few shawls this year. Maybe I can find a few more mystery patterns.

I think another reason I haven't done anything else is that I've been wrapped up with my food/frugal living blog (which you can find here). I've had a ton of fun with it, and I feel more accomplished working on that one since I have things to post on a regular basis. Not just "Yeah, knitting the same thing I've been knitting for the past 4 months..." So if you want some kind of update from me head over there!


  1. Oh gosh I feel bad, :) I didn't mean to put any pressure on you, I mean 3 babies and a husband is enough. I guess I have loved so much all the things you knit I spoke to soon, so a thousand apologies for my big mouth. I guess I should have said, I miss the Naked Sheep, but I know sometimes it is just easier to cook. When I get you cook books not knitting ones. ;)

  2. Haha it's ok. I knew I needed to update I just didn't know what to post since it's been nothing but the CTS for like... a month now. But I will have more eventually.