Monday, November 30, 2009

Just A Teensy Bit Behind...

I was going to show you a close up pic of what I'm working on, but my camera died and I'm out of AA batteries. Use your imagination! It's very tiny knitting (tiny as in 9 stitches an inch, not tiny object).

Well my plan for one project a week is already failing. I am 2 days past my week 1 and I still have half of this present left. Although to be honest I was making AWESOME time, and then I realized that what I had was NOT going to work at all, so I had to rip back the first half and start over. And then the 2 days of stuffing my face meant lots of being lazy, rather than lots of knitting. Hehe. It was good though.

I think I'll still be ok. The other projects won't take a week each (one might, but the others won't) so I can squeeze out extra time there. And I did allow myself that extra week before Christmas for catch up and finishing so we should be good!

In preparation for the New Year and coming resolutions I have decided that I will not acquire a single gram of yarn in 2010 with money from our bank account. This way it leaves it open to gift cards or gifts of yarn for those that like to get me those things for birthday and such. This is for a couple of reasons: One, I have a TON of yarn that I need to use up. I know this because I rearranged the yarn today and the whole time I was going "Holy crap there is a lot of yarn here." I probably have over a year's worth. And two, well. Because things are getting a wee bit tight and the money I would spend on yarn could be going to much better things.

On that note, I am thinking about starting a second blog dedicated to being frugal, filled with tips and tricks, recipes, grocery deals for around the area, etc. But I can't think of a good name for it to save my life. Any got an idea? Or better yet... is it even worth it? Would you care to read it or should I save my finger-breath?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

FO: Grandpa's Blanket

I did actually finish Grandpa's blanket, with 2 days to spare! It was getting a little iffy there because I was so, soooo tired of seaming. But I made it and delivered it to him at the family meet-up. He seemed to like it, but it's hard to tell because he's getting older and starting to lose it. Which makes me sad. It's hard to watch my grandparents go down hill so quickly.

Pattern: Garter Stitch Blanket by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun (100% acrylic) in "Pearls" and "Fawn" (I think, threw away the wrappers prematurely.)

Needles: US 10.5/ 6.5mm straight

Variations: The only variation that I did was using two different colors. Although I'm not sure it can be considered a variation because it was suggested in the book. I also did a 30 st pattern rather than 24. But again, it was suggested in the book to just change the number of stitches to obtain a different size blanket. EZ makes things so easy and I love how shes leaves the details up to you.

All in all it wasn't a bad project. I loved working the corners with short rows. But as you've all heard before, I HATE seaming. And there's a lot in this one. So I probably won't be making another unless I really want to, or I figure out how to join as I go. In the end though, I was happy with it and I'm glad I was able to give Grandpa something to keep him warm.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Something To Look At

Secret Christmas knitting makes for crappy blog posts. So to distract you from that...

Tada! Ben put them up Tuesday. Yes today is just barely Thanksgiving. But we're so excited to have Christmas in our very own house this year. He even put the tree up last night! Haha.

I just realized that I totally forgot to post about Grandpa's blanket. I have pictures and will try to get an FO post up in the next few days if I don't die from over eating.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Really Good Plan

Today is November 18th, which means there are just over 5 weeks until Christmas. No, I am not done with my Christmas knitting yet. (I have, however, started shopping for those I'm not knitting for. Go me!)

In an effort to make my life run a little smoother in the next 5 weeks (read: because I'm anal), I have come up with a schedule which goes as follows:

Devote one whole week to one project only. It just so happens that I have 4 projects left, to complete in 5 weeks. So, if the kids behave and the house doesn't decide to spew it's contents all over the place, then this plan should work. I have 2.5 days to finish the blanket for Grandpa (no... not done. About half way sewn up.) Then from Sunday to Saturday will be my time period for gifts. Which will leave the 4 days before Christmas open for finishing up, adding embellishments, wrapping, etc.

With that schedule it looks like the Christmas Tree Skirt won't get done this year either... Oh man I think that's 3 years ongoing now... But! If I finish a project early then maybe I can squeeze it in. There are two projects that I think I can crank out in a few days if I really push.

Now if I'm realistic then I'll remember that I still have to do housework during this time sooooo.... Wish me luck!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Succesful Fiber Friday

Good news! Today I cast off Grandpa's blanket. Now I just have a TON of sewing up to do. Will try to get pictures up by the end of the weekend.

Once I'm done with this I can get back to Christmas presents!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To Do List

Well, boys and girls, it's November 11th and I decided it was time to see how I was doing on Christmas knitting. This might not make sense because I obviously can't name what I'm doing, but just go with it.

CP1 - Done!
CP2 - Done! (with the exception of trim)
CP2 - Half way
CP3 - Not started
CP4 - Not started
CP5 - Cast on
CTS (tree skirt) - About... oh I'd say 1/8th done.

Well... not as good as I thought I was doing! Oh well I still have time. Since the house is pretty much clean and I can keep it that way with a general tidying up this means more time for knitting! Being a neat freak is so convenient sometimes. I'm going to be kicking it into overdrive for the next month or so in order to get things done. Shouldn't be too bad.

Work on Grandpa's blanket is almost done. I have one section left which means I have 7/8ths done. I am hoping I will get a lot done at Mom's this afternoon. I'm pretty excited. Today I will be teaching my sister in law (and probably Mom) how to knit. My plan to take over the world with knitters is coming along quite nicely. Soon everyone will have low blood pressure, nicely knitted things, and a massive yarn stash. MUAHAHAHA.

Then tonight we're off to Mum's for dinner and I get my book she ordered me as a thank you for letting Josh hang out here on Thursdays. Nancy Wiseman's Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques. Getting knitting books is almost as good as getting new yarn!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

FO: Project Pink

I finished the hat for the niece of Rachel's boyfriend. I made it (I hope) a little large so it will last her a little while. She's just two months, and it just about fit duder -don't tell him - and all my kids have big heads. So it should be just fine.

Pattern: Basic Ribbed Beanie

Yarn: Ella Rae Baby Cotton in "Peony" and "White" - I have no idea how much of each. Not much pink and a smidge of white.

Needles: US 4/3.5 mm straight

I crocheted the flower from a pattern I found on the Lion Brand website, adding a button for the middle.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fiber Friday!

Well boys and girls, after that excited post about doing half the blanket in a week.... I stopped working on the blanket. I switched my attention to a baby hat and got TOTALLY off course. So today shall be blanket day. (No the hat isn't done either, but it doesn't have a deadline.)

I guess I've been kind of busy this week without realizing it. Cleaning, baking, going to mom's, Josh coming over, wrangling children - hog ties and all (kidding) - didn't get a lot of knitting done. But today is my day!

Ok, little man is trying to pull wires out of my computer. Gotta go!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Part 2 of Grandpa's blanket has commenced and is going along nicely (can garter stitch go badly?). Might possibly finish this piece today if I'm allowed to sit. Have some other things to do though, which I'll get to in a bit. I've also cast on a little hat for the baby mentioned earlier. Sounds like she's going to be ok. The fracture is minor and should heal in a few months, and the bleeding is mostly on the outside. They kept her over night for monitoring and hopefully she is going home today. Mum and I thought she needed a hat because she had a boo-boo. It's pink!

I have been reading up on groceries on a budget and have totally started getting into coupons and sales. They're out there, why not use them? I went to Beverly's last night to get some stuff (yeah, it's not groceries, but go with me here) and I was able to use all three coupons from the circular and saved $12.07. It was awesome! I got some fabric to make my own nursing pads which should save me a ton since they're $10-$30 a box depending on the quantity. Now I will just be able to wash and reuse.

I have 4 Christmas presents left and just under 2 months to finish them. I think I'll be good. I have the stuff for all but one, which I will probably order today. I'm and SO FREAKING excited about Christmas I can't wait. I told Ben last night that I couldn't wait to put up Christmas lights on the house and he said he had been thinking about at least putting the hooks up now so it will be all ready. Having a house has made the idea of Christmas super exciting. I can't wait to put our tree up!

Today (hopefully) I'm going to inventory the freezer and see what we have that needs to be eaten, then plan a menu off of that. I still have a week and a half worth of menu (I plan for one month at a time) so it will start after that. But I do know we have things like muffins and cookies that could be eaten now. I also have pumpkins that I need to use... Oh! Someone stole one of the little pumpkins from Mom on Halloween and smashed it on the sidewalk in front of the grumpy guy's house up the street. It made me sad. And then it made me think "Well, maybe he shouldn't be so horribly rude then." But I still have the big one and other little one left to do things with. Maybe I'll can them.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Time left until Grandpa's Birthday: 19 Days
Amount of Blanket done: Half

Dude, totally going to make it. It took me a week to finish half the blanket, which leaves me 3 weeks to finish the other half. I should be good. This is a picture of how the brown pieces will lay out. Confused yet? It's a teaser. You'll see the rest when it's done!

More Important Things: Prayer Request

My sister's boyfriend has a 2 mo. old niece. Last night around 7pm she was sitting in a baby chair on the counter that vibrated off and fell to the floor. What they originally thought was a goose bump turned out to be a skull fracture and internal bleeding. She was rushed to Valley Children's last night, but I sent a text to the boyfriend this morning and he said they're still waiting for the neurosurgeon. Last night my sister said she was still crying, so there is the good sign that she is responsive.

Please pray for this little one. And pray for the parents. I know from experience how incredibly scary and how lost you feel when a baby is in a situation like this. The best we can do is ask that God keeps them in His hands.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


And just in time too.

I sewed my last seam around 5:30 last night. Which gave just enough to get ready to head out for the Grandma's houses. Yar pirates!

Despite the look on Duder's face, they kept their costumes on almost the whole time. They did want to take off their hats at Grandma A's, but put them back on when we were leaving. And Duder didn't fuss at all about his hat.  It was a very successful costume night.

Next year though, I'm thinking we'll just throw stuff together with what we have.